About SquadX
SquadX Learning Hub introduces SquadX Masterclass Program which is one of it’s kind, blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology training program. This is a bespoke solution for industry veteran looking to take the next step by embracing the power to revolutionise their growth enabled by emerging technologies.

We use cutting edge tools to demonstrate facts, that helps an individual to focus and visualize the use of emerging technologies in the prevailing markets. The workshop is intellectually designed for an individual at a senior position and decision-makers. This will enable them to not only learn Blockchain Technology, at the same time to make it cost-effective in their businesses and jobs.

SquadX_learningHub, via this program, envisions to make future workforce ready today. We believe upskilling is the key to grow your careers with a 2X rate. We enable this by giving hands-on certified training by following means.
1 It is India’s only training program which provides experience to finance professionals by way of a simulation tool and live blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies projects.
2 The program uses real industry cases and provides them as live demonstrations for course applicants which are specially prepared by the SquadX_learningHub team.
3 The training program will also give an opportunity for the applicants to learn from blockchain experts and esteemed financial experts in a classroom environment.
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+91 964 317 5353 | +91 783 832 2505